Where possible, we at the Alma Tavern and Theatre aim to keep all things local. When this is not a possibility we endeavour to ensure that the produce we bring in still maintains the highest quality available despite any miles travelled.

At the Alma Tavern we try to make as much of our own produce on site as we can. The kitchen makes a range of chutneys, sauces and a variety of fudges, brownies and pastries.

We select our suppliers carefully to ensure that we get the best quality produce from people who are passionate about what they do.




We purchase our delicious sparkling fruit juices from award winning Ashridge Farm in Devon. All of their soft drinks are completely organic and taste like a summer walk in the country. We have been lucky enough to build up a wonderful relationship with the team over the past year and hope it continues for a long time to come.





Our delicious olives are delivered from this inspiring company. The business has grown from a team of 3 to a national company of nearly 300 in just 20 years, making them arguably the official deli masters!



Alright, you’ve caught us – some of the bread in our dishes was not made onsite. However this is only because Hobbs House makes such tasty baguettes and burger buns! Based in the Cotswolds they have been around for 90 years and produce their bread without the use of processing aids or artificial additives.



The fish in our dishes come from the Cornish fishmonger Wing of St. Mawes. "The Cornish Fishmonger is fully committed to supporting local fishermen and working together with them and other industry stakeholders to ensure a bright sustainable long term future for both fish and fishing. We are committed to offering sustainable fish and best business practices and, for building long lasting relationships with our customers and fishermen. We buy daily from local fisherman and, the four quayside fish markets of Cornwall and South Devon."


All of the fruit and vegetables in our dishes come from De Gusta. De Gusta is the brainchild of two Bristol residents, with a shared passion to develop local gastronomic culture. Using authentic products and drawing knowledge from their background in the catering industry, De Gusta is inspired by their joint heritage – of the land and of the kitchen.


Our impressive range of wines are delivered from this Cotswolds based independent wine merchants. They work tirelessly to ensure the produce they offer is a perfect balance between old and new-world and reflect the region they are made in. The majority of their stock comes from independent wineries meaning smaller batches of top quality and unusual flavours.